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Balanced Spectrum® Perfect Reader™ Floor Lamps - Full Spectrum Light

Why have so many people seen the light and switched to Balanced Spectrum® lamps? It’s simple -- they can see better. Many studies have shown the positive effects of full spectrum lighting, with benefits ranging from improved cognitive function, to mood elevation, to improved skin appearance. That’s fine, but what we’re talking about here is much simpler than that.

People just love these lamps. Name an indoor activity that involves one’s ability to see more clearly and, chances are, Balanced Spectrum® lamps can make it easier and more enjoyable.

Less Glare -- Crystal Clarity -- Vibrant Colors

Reading. Avid readers know first-hand the strain that reading everything from novels to magazines to textbooks can put on the eyes. With the Balanced Spectrum®, you get crystal clarity and natural, glare-free light, which makes this the perfect reading lamp.

Computer use. Harsh glare produced by standard office lighting can equal painful eyestrain. That’s why many people prefer this lamp to incandescent or traditional fluorescent lights to reduce glare, provide clarity, and help promote eye comfort.

Crafts and hobbies. From quilting and needlepoint to tying flies and woodworking, the Balanced Spectrum® Floor Lamp helps you see the task at hand more clearly.

Building a better bulb...

It’s taken years, but scientists in the lighting industry have finally improved the light bulb. The value of a light source is measured by how well it renders all colors of the visible spectrum without bias. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is measured on a scale of 1-100. The bulbs in our Balanced Spectrum® lamps are an exceptional light source and have a CRI rating of 84.


Balanced Spectrum® Perfect Reader™ Floor Lamps
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Unique Gifts for Christmas
Balanced Spectrum® lights from firstSTREET are fantastic, unique gifts for parents and grandparents, who are sure to enjoy the enhanced reading ability and lower energy cost associated with full spectrum lighting. Balanced Spectrum® lamps can even make watching television and using a computer easier by reducing the annoying glare generated by traditional lighting.

Check out the firstSTREET website for more innovative and unique gift ideas for Boomers and Beyond, including the WOW! Computer™ for Seniors, an amazing touch-screen computer that takes the complexity and maintenance hassles out of computing. No software to buy, sets up in 5 minutes, and it’s even on sale now!

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